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Company + Product

What is Yough!?

Yough! is the first-ever frozen pizza and dough made with Greek Yogurt. Yep, Yogurt. Using simple, clean ingredients, we’ve created lower calorie, higher protein versions of America's favorite comfort foods.

Why Greek Yogurt?

Because Baking with Greek Yogurt and adding it to dough is an incredibly healthy and simple cooking hack. It adds a protein-packed punch and replaces all those unhealthy oils and preservatives that skyrocket your daily calorie count. Not to mention, its moisture creates an incredible texture, provides gut-friendly postbiotics, and doesn’t make you feel like cra*p. All while still tasting like REAL pizza. If you've ever baked with Greek Yogurt, you know what we mean.

Learn more about Greek Yogurt's benefits here.

Where is Yough! made?

Yough! is made in the United States, and the superstar ingredient comes from local farms that whip up the creamiest Greek Yogurt for Yough!’s base, a protein-packed dough that takes you on a flavor adventure every single time.

How is this different from the other guys?

We’re so glad you asked. The simple answer? That creamy Greek Yogurt base — hello postbiotics and a happy gut. Also, Yough! provides all the flavor of your favorite comfort foods with lower calories, higher protein, and more.

Do you give back to any causes?

Absolutely. We believe in spreading the dough like an Italian grandma. That’s why 1% percent of profits go to co-founder Haleigh Rosa’s charitable foundation “For Everyone,” which brings awareness to and support for people with disabilities.

Is Yough! environmentally friendly?

At Yough!, we are committed to prioritizing environmentally friendly packaging options. As we continue to expand and evolve, we are constantly exploring new ways to enhance our eco-friendly practices and minimize our environmental impact.

Nutrition + Ingredients

Is it really that nutritious?

  1. The nutrition label speaks for itself. Our products are lower in calories and packed with protein, providing a better-for-you option compared to many of the choices on the market. Let’s take a look at the numbers (per serving):
  2. Naked Crust (Entire crust): 320 calories, 19g of protein
  3. Turkey Pepperoni (Entire pizza): 540 calories, 42g of protein
  4. Cheese (Entire pizza): 490 calories, 32g of protein
  5. Dough (1 serving): 120 calories, 6g of protein

Does your product have preservatives or additives?

No way! Our simple, clean ingredients keep their flavor without all the junk. Our products have no artificial preservatives or additives.

Why is it gut-friendly?

The science is boring, so we will keep it short: Postbiotics are produced by the fermentation of probiotics, which may in turn support digestion, immune function, and overall health.

What if I have allergies to certain foods?

Depending on your allergy, Yough! might not be for you. At this time Yough isn’t gluten or dairy-free. But stay tuned, because we’re cooking up some big plans – Yough! won’t want to miss it.

Are your products kosher?

At this time, Yough! products are not certified kosher. We are working with our co-manufacturers to receive this certification since our ingredients are Kosher-approved, so keep checking back!

Purchase + Shipping

How long does shipping take?

Trust us, we can hardly wait for you to get your pizza, too! Depending on your location, delivery will be 1 to 7 days from when you place your order. We use 1-day, 2-day, or 3-day shipping and typically use UPS or FedEx. Dry ice is always included to keep your products frozen during transit. If your product does not arrive frozen, please take a picture to show us and throw it away for safety purposes.

Keep in mind, our normal shipping days are Monday and Wednesday. We recommend placing your order before Wednesday at 6am EST to ensure you get your order delivered before the end of the week.

NOTE: We also delivery on SATURDAYS. This helps increase the chance you get your order before the end of the week.

Please check your emails and track the delivery to ensure you will be home on the day of delivery!

Otherwise, make sure a neighbor is there to pickup your pizzas and put them directly in a freezer :)

Do you delivery on Saturdays?

Yes! Please check your emails and track the delivery to ensure you will be home on the delivery day.

If not, ensure you (or a neighbor who won't steal them), will be home to put your pizzas directly in a freezer!

How much is shipping and how do you keep it fresh?

Because Yough! delivers the wow factor straight to your door, shipping is $9.99. Fresh is our forte: All orders are shipped with dry ice to ensure all the flavor and freshness stay packed inside.

What if my product arrives spoiled?

Bad dough is a no go! If your Yough! product arrives spoiled or is not frozen, please take a picture of the spoiled product and throw it away. For safety reasons, the CDC recommends frozen products maintain a temperature under 40 Degrees Fahrenheit (as bacteria can grow above these temperatures) which you can obtain using a food thermometer. We recommend checking your tracking number to ensure it was delivered on time. If it was delayed, there is a high chance it is not frozen and therefore spoiled. Please reach out to us if it did not arrive on time.

If your product is spoiled or you think it is, please reach out to our customer service team at

Where can I buy Yough!?

You’re just a click away! You can buy Yough products directly from this website and shipped to your door.

If you'd rather find us in stores, check our Store Locator here or on our homepage dropdown to see if we're in a store near you.

PS - if we're not in your local store, tell the manager that you want to see us on their shelves as it definitely helps when they hear from our beloved Yough friends!

What is the Shelf Life of the products?

Pizzas: 12 months in the freezer

Dough: 9 months in freezer, 1 month in refrigerator unopened, 3-4 days in refrigerator once opened. (NOTE: you can always put it back in the freezer!)

Don’t see your question?

If we’ve missed your question, don’t hesitate to hit us up, drop a line, or get in touch – whatever the kids are doing these days. A pizza enthusiast will get back to you quickly!